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"Training is not a business; It's our passion."

At Shan-Phill Training, our qualified Trainers with over ten years of experience in training, will prepare our students to write the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) in various subject areas.


Our live virtual (online) sessions, conveniently occur within the confines of your home, for only 2 days a week for 1 hour and a half duration (1hr 1/2 hours per day).

We also specialize in the provision of organizational training in the areas of Customer Service, Supervisory Management and Restaurant Services.  Individuals who are currently employed or seeking employment also have the option of pursuing these on the own. Virtual training available to Regional & International Organizations.

Shan-Phill Training is a member of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association and a member of the Training Institutions and other Allied Members.


Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement
“Providing a learning environment that strengthens students both academically and spiritually.”

Vision Statement
“To offer our people
 the opportunity to achieve their professional goals.”


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