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ShanPhill Training Testimonials

What do employees of Businesses think about ShanPhill Training

Testimonial from Quick Delivery Training in Customer Service

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Quick Delivery Team

In order to obtain a different results, one must do something different! I decided to temporarily suspend our on demand services to get control of the operation and to uplift our staff. One of the best ways to uplift staff members is to invest in them and to train them. Shan-Phill Training was recommended to me and I didn't hesitate. Two weeks of training have gone by and myself and my team at Quick Delivery, have no regrets.


We enrolled in the Shan-Phill Customer Service training program and we had fun learning all we "thought" we knew. The Facilitator was very direct and a genius in the area of customer service training. Her spirituality fills up any room, lessens any tension and bring people together. We are so thankful for our training,


I am extremely happy we went that route as the results are starting to show. On behalf of Quick Delivery, I would like to thank Shan-Phill Training for the excellent training session and we can't wait for part 2.....yes folks, The training is a continuous assessment, so you don't just learn to learn and practice with Shan - Phill Training!

Mr. Gregory Sydney - Managing Director

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