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Shan-Phill Training Testimonials
STUDENTS & Sole Traders

Testimonials from former Students

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Luthanie Constantin

While in search of an institution to pursue CAPE subjects, I came across Shan-Phill Training. This experience has been nothing but amazing. This institution caters to all learning styles and the lecturers are well-versed in their content areas. I performed exceptional in the area of CAPE Tourism and I will never regret my experience at Shan-Phill Training. From amazing and empathetic staff to flexible assignments. Best Training Institution!

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Jermiah Evariste

​My name is Jermiah Evariste and I am a former CAPE student of Shan-Phill Training. The experience coupled with the knowledge which I gained during that time actually allowed me to gain employment in the areas that I am passionate about.  My lecture had great effort, passion and drive which made learning easy, fun, entertaining and smooth sailing for us.  I am very grateful for the opportunity that studying at Shan-Phill Training has afforded me and I am very excited about the possibilities which lie in the future.

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Mieka Stanley

I take great pleasure in recommending Shan-Phill Training as the institute to further your education whether you wish to pursue CAPE or CSEC. The lecturers encourage positive behavior and go the extra mile to assist students. The environment is one of creativity, good communication, patience and caring. Lecturers at Shan-Phill Training are dedicated and possess a love for their respective areas of expertise, which encouraged me to excel. Again, I highly recommend Shan-Phill Training with no hesitation and confidently say this institution is the place for you.

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Chloe Felix

I would highly recommend Shan-Phill Training institution for study if you are searching for in-depth knowledge of the tourism industry, customer service and much more. The tutors are very passionate about their subject areas and so I was adequately prepared to write CAPE. Additionally, the drive and encouragement that I got from this institution, molded, shaped and transformed me academically and spiritually. Therefore, I implore you to register now and don’t wait another second.

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Lucan Pierre

Shan-Phill Training is simply amazing! The lecturers are professional and kind. They try their utmost to meet the needs of their students. My CAPE lecturer really helped me to understand the concepts both in theory and in practice. The lessons were always well organized and my lecturer had very good communication with the entire class. Teaching methods were strategically selected and used to ensure that we understood things clearly. I’d strongly recommend this institution to anyone who wants to excel in their respective fields.  

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Dr. Nasha Charles-Philbert

We felt that as service providers our team needed customer service training to better serve our patients. Hence we contacted Shan-Phil training.
What made the training so superb was how engaging the T
rainer was. She was able to create  a level of comfort that encouraged  participation from every staff member including the less vivacious ones . Notwithstanding the training was tailored to meet our unique business needs.

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Bernella Touissaint

Shan-Phill Training is one of the best training institutions on the island based on my experience. I developed a profound passion and love for the tourism industry as a result of being a student of that institution. I met amazing staff and students along the way. The teaching and learning methods are diverse and well catered to the needs of the students. A philosophy of inclusion is at the very top of the many objectives of this institution. I maintained superb grades at Shan-Phill Training and without a doubt, I highly recommend it.

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Danielle Crick

My name is Danielle Crick and I pursued CAPE studies at Shan-Phill Training. My lecturer was simply the best. She was nurturing and kind and taught effectively. She allowed for expression of self and ensured that we always understood and grasped the concepts taught. Classes were always fun, as the lecturer uses real life experiences to bring out the concepts. I highly recommend Shan-Phill training to anyone who is looking for top quality tutoring. It's an experience that I surely won’t forget.

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