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Shan-Phill Training Testimonials

Testimonials from Employees of COMPUTER & BUSINESS SERVICES (CBS) who received Training in Customer Service

Avatar 102

Shellian Carrette 

I love how the facilitator opened each session with prayer; it’s remarkable and I hope God continues to bless you with knowledge so that you can spread it both spiritually and educationally. I appreciate your inspiring, calming, illuminating, and invigorating sessions. You have helped me both emotionally and professionally (using real-life situations to bring your points across) which is essential for the growth of the organization. We received training on emotional intelligence, effective communication, and attentiveness to mention a few. This is the second time that I am being trained in Customer Service by one of Shan-Phill Training’s facilitators and I must say, I just can't get enough! I'll be sure to spread the word about you wherever I go. 

Avatar 102

Sabatina Gidden 

Our sessions were rather interesting, very catchy, and exciting. From having no clue as to what to expect to the actual introduction which opened the way for the sessions thereafter; focusing on one of the most challenging yet valuable skills necessary to embrace -'Customer Service.

The facilitator’s energy, her boldness, personality, and passion for what she does, made every bit of the sessions an extra special and influential moment. It was a whole new approach but one which brought great insight with much-needed complementary standards and procedures, to journey with us in our daily lives. Most importantly, the spiritual upliftment, blessings, and positivity were such a delight and kept us going. Thank You Shan-Phill Training!

Avatar 98

Alban Asson

The training was very impressive, bringing unique and varied content that is highly relevant to us. The knowledge that I have acquired on how to deal with very difficult customers, can be applied both in my workplace and my personal life. It can also be used on social media to boost up customer service. I’m happy that I was able to learn so much from this presentation. I will certainly apply all the information & knowledge that I have garnered from this training.  

Avatar 103

Rhonda Smith 

Kudos to Shan-Phill Training for a job well done on this training. Customer Service is indeed one of your areas of specialization! I must say that there was so much to learn, and you executed so well in such a short space of time. What really stood out for me was “Communication” and following up”. I will surely put this into practice in the workplace and in everyday life. I looked forward to each session with you because every bit of advice you gave from day one has gone a long way. I can guarantee you that I have started following up and I am also working on satisfying and de- escalating customer issues. Keep doing your best at this! God has given you such a warm personality and a talent untouchable. Keep it up!

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Devone St. Prix

The beauty of your training program lay not only in its simplicity but in its delivery as well. You have succeeded in motivating us as individuals and as a team. This could only have been done by someone who understands people, their fears, and their joys. Although the primary aim of the program was to raise the performance of our customer Service Skills, it also succeeded in making people feel good about themselves!” 

Avatar 110

Donavan Williams 

This training served as a refresher for me based on my prior knowledge of customer service excellence. However, I learnt new concepts such as ‘empathy’ in dealing with customers. A follow-up call to the customer would positively influence that customer’s perception of our company. Given that the two sides to life (personal and professional), do often clash and influence service delivery, it's important to exercise a degree of understanding and empathy, as none of us are spared by life itself. Each waking day might mean a different mood or situation for both the internal and external customer. Therefore, we need to ensure that the encounter is a good one. Thank you, Shan-Phill Training!

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